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The CFS Group is a multinational consulting company with locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which is specialized entirely in the Front Arena system. We are proud of our well-founded understanding of the capital markets and we're offering current solutions to meet customer challenges.

Tse Vincent

Thomas communicates his requirements clearly. I can highly recommend him as a client.

Thu Jun 08 2023
Nikola Vujovic

CFS Group is a phenomenal client to work with!

Sat Feb 24 2024
Nikola Vujovic

thank you for the excellent collaboration

Tue Dec 26 2023
Tse Vincent

I can highly recommend Thomas, he gave me clear instructions.

Thu Jun 29 2023
Nikola Vujovic

absolutely best client

Sat Nov 25 2023
Tse Vincent

I highly estimate the work with the client. He gave me clear and detailed specifications.

Mon Apr 24 2023
Nikola Vujovic

exciting to collaborate with you!

Sat Oct 21 2023