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Hi! I'm Obito Tobi.

I'm a pro content writer, copywriter, crypto investor, and NFT enthusiast. Besides being a darn good writer, I also do some casual gaming, and I love a good trip. I'm a Bitcoin maxi, Eth2 maxi, SOL maxi -- in fact, call me a multi-chain maxi (MCM).

I've created content for the crypto space since 2017. During this period, I've had the opportunity to work with various startups and projects in the space, including Immunefi, Astra Protocol, and Portal Finance. As an independent contractor, I also worked with hundreds of client collaborations across top freelance platforms.

My work has been dubbed "concise and no-BS", with excellent results in achieving widespread crypto education through engaging, shareworthy content. My writing is fresh yet so classic, and I give you a feeling reminiscent of when you peruse the masterpiece. I'll leave a sweet taste in your mouth, and that's a fact!

Indeed, I put my back into each piece like it's the last one I'll ever write. I'll work with you to create valuable content, the kind your readership will love to read (and share with their close ones).

A trial is all you need to be hooked, you can trust me on that.