$15/ Hour

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Hi & Welcome to my profile!

Muneeb is a talented web3 developer with a passion for creating decentralized applications (Dapps) using the power of smart contracts. He specializes in using Solidity, a programming language specifically designed for Ethereum blockchain, to build complex and secure smart contracts. In addition to Solidity, he is proficient in using various other tools such as Hardhat and Ganache for local testing, Web3.js and Ethers.js for interacting with the blockchain, and Tailwind for responsive frontend design. Some of my current services include: => Create minting dapp => Write Solidity smart contracts => Wallet & Smart Contract integration => Developing fully functional custom dapp

Here's the link to my GitHub Profile:


Feel free to reach out for more information or inquiries, I’ll be looking forward to work with you on your next exciting project. ✉️ Good to have you here.