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A programming fanatic with eight years of professional experience who always thrive to work on emerging technologies space especially in substrate and cosmos to create impact in the web 3.0 revolution. I had a special passion for mathematics from an early age was well versed in arithmetic and computer mathematics while in college, and have a wide and deep knowledge of cryptography theory and have had one foot in the door of cryptocurrency since 2016. I am a huge blockchain and decentralization enthusiast, and while I was trying out different decentralized protocols on Ethereum, I started studying the code of these applications, and eventually, I started to develop them myself. The technology is moving forward, and so is blockchain technology, I believe WASM is the future and has great leverage over EVM, and that is the reason why I started building the Polkadot ecosystem, currently developing smart contract applications and tools with Rust.

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Mon Jan 08 2024
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Super professional!

Tue Dec 26 2023
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Wed May 22 2024
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Fri May 17 2024
CanWork Support

Very professional developer. Exceptional communication skills. Prompt work. Exceeded expectations.

Fri Dec 15 2023