$20/ Hour

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As a web developer, I have extensive expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, NextJS, and React Native. I am also proficient in modern frontend and backend libraries and frameworks such as Vue.js, nodeJS, and expressJS. My strong analytical and problem-solving skills have helped me effectively solve problems and make sound decisions. Additionally, I have strong communication and collaboration skills, as demonstrated through my successful teamwork and project management experience.

I als have experience working as a mobile developer, where I collaborated with development teams to implement new features and improve application performance. I have also worked as a full-stack web developer, where I was responsible for the development of a company's website and other internal tools. During my internships, I was a frontend lead for a team and implemented frontend logic and consumption of APIs.

I hold two certifications from OpenClassrooms, one in building web apps with ReactJS and another in going full-stack with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB.