$35/ Hour

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  • Run Delegator node for Blockchain project DDK foundation
  • Training about DPOS (delegated proof of stake) to communities in Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos
  • Training trading skill for using Centralize Exchange & Decentralize Exchange
  • Training on create crypto wallet and security of each crypto wallet
    + Crypto and Blockchain enthusiasm (Invest, trading, training)
  • Study and research about crypto and blockchain technology
  • Sharing and training to students and community
  • Update currently information version of blockchain technology to analyze market trend and technology trending (L2 blockchain, wed3, NFT, Metavers, Defi, Gamefi, multi-chain….)
    • Stay up to date on social media news such as YouTube, Twitter, and Tictok to track global economic movements such as stock, share, and cryptocurrency markets.
  • Operation Manager at Phoenix Lab Asia (Business consultant firm (SMM,SEO)
  • Develop a marketing and communication strategy based on market data and consumer sentiment, then implement and manage it.
  • Create and use customer journey maps, target audience profiling, and segmentation to provide a more seamless and personalized customer experience.
  • Acquire, Activate, and Maintain Leads
  • Create and launch omnichannel marketing campaigns with the goal of boosting brand recognition, channel traffic, and ROI (ROI)
  • Be responsible for the timely production and distribution of all advertising materials, both in-house and through third-party vendors.
  • Contend writing and social media marketing management for clients
  • Weekly meeting with new company founder and existing clients for business consultant and report.
  • Promote social media marketing education that covers topics like current tendencies and how to make sense of social media metrics.
  • Ensure that all social media platforms are up to date.
  • Digital campaign monitoring, analysis, and optimization
  • investment into customer-focused blockchain and cryptocurrency market research.