NFT P2E Tester

About project We at a project believe in not just creating an NFT competitive quality driven game but also a platform for both crypto enthusiasts and gamers alike to be involved in a community driven economy where the price of our in-game NFT items and heroes are highly influenced by the players themselves. Our aim is to have a balance and healthy ecosystem with our NFTs, as well as intriguing rewards for the players. As NFT gamers, we know what the current Game-Fi space lacks and we are here to improve it. Requirements - good knowledge of NFT - good knowledge of crypto - experience in game testing - love of playing games We are looking for good game tester with experience and who can improve our game and bring something new to our game and find all bugs

$8000 USD

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8 hrs

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Ki Jin

$8000 USD

This project is set at a fixed price
8 hours, over Up to 1 Year period.

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