How to hire Freelancers on CanWork

Hiring freelancers is safe & easy with CanWork

  • Custom-built escrow system
  • Secure smart-contract technology
  • Pay in BNB and other popular BNB Smart Chain assets
  • Value locked for the job duration
  • Freelancers paid in BUSD stablecoin
  • No fees!>

Sign in

to CanWork and create a profile in a flash.
You then have two options:
  1. Request a job from a Freelancer direct>
  2. Post a job on the Public Job Board for freelancers to bid

Option 1: Post a Direct Request

  1. Navigate to the profile of your chosen freelancer and click ‘Post a Request’
  2. Complete the Job Form and wait for your freelancer to Accept.

Option 2: Post a Job on the Public Board

  1. Click ‘Post a Job’ on the home page
  2. Complete the Job Form
  3. Invite freelancers or wait for someone to bid
  4. Accept a prospective freelancer's bid

Pay into Escrow

  1. Click 'Pay into Escrow' on the Job Management page
  2. Connect your wallet and select a payment asset
  3. Complete the process and confirm on your wallet

Authorise Release of Payment

When the job is complete, your freelancer will mark the job as complete.
You can then authorise release of payment via the Job Management page.

Click 'Complete Job'

Manage your jobs

Need to find a job in progress or manage your jobs?
Find the Job Management page from the `drop down` menu.

The CanWork Escrow on BNB Smart Chain

Want to know more about our custom-built escrow on BNB Smart Chain? Read here!

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