Freelance payments using the new CanWork escrow system

Built on BNB Chain

Freelance service payments are made safely & easily using our new, custom-built escrow system
  • Secure smart-contract technology
  • Pay in BNB and other popular BNB Chain assets
  • .Value locked for the job duration
  • Freelancers paid in BUSD stablecoin
  • No fees!

Pay with a choice of assets

The new CanWork escrow allows a ‘Client’ to pay for a job upfront – using BNB and other approved BNB chain tokens – into our secure, escrow smart-contract.

Payment locked until job complete

To protect both parties, the escrow contract keeps the funds locked until the ‘Client’ is satisfied and releases funds to the Freelancer.

The Client cannot claw back the funds unless the 'Freelancer' cancels the job or arbitration is required via a CanWork team member.

Value locked in BUSD stablecoin

To protect against price volatility, the escrow contract automatically liquidates all payment assets to the BUSD stablecoin.

Liquidation occurs using PancakeSwap liquidity. The exact swap price is calculated at check-out and the swap occurs instantly upon deposit.

To ensure the highest quality experience & exchange rates, we only approve high-quality, liquid tokens in the BNB Chain ecosystem for payment.

Freelancers paid in BUSD stablecoin

Freelancers are always paid in the BUSD stablecoin.

  • Virtually ubiquitous stablecoin across all major exchanges
  • Exchange pairs with most cryptocurrencies and local digital currencies
  • No native token hassles
  • No worries about market volatility
  • Neglible slip or exchange losses, so you earn more
  • No fees or commissions

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