CanWork Monthly Update

Improving Performance, Brand and Freelancer Profiles

Welcome to the latest CanWork update. We're excited to share significant improvements and upcoming initiatives that aim to further elevate the CanWork platform for our community of freelancers and clients.

Recent Developments

CanWork Performance Optimisation

We've made significant strides in improving CanWork’s page load times, achieving up to a 25-fold increase in performance. This enhancement, reducing page loads from 8000 ms to 300 ms, is primarily due to optimized database and search index usage.

Logout Issue

We've resolved a persistent issue affecting user logouts, enhancing overall user experience.

Whitelisting Process & Quality Outreach

In our ongoing commitment to a trusted and quality platform, we've reintroduced a mandatory whitelisting step for freelancer profiles. We're also reaching out to all freelancers to encourage improvements in their profile pictures and bios.

Landing Page & Brand Evolution

Following the community's feedback on our wireframe designs, we've developed detailed mockups for the landing page and are nearing the final design. This evolution will facilitate updates across the app.

What’s Happening Next

CanWork Landing & Branding

We're finalizing the landing page design and will soon begin implementation. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Freelancer Quality Drive

Our outreach to verify and enhance the quality of our freelancer pool continues. Now is the perfect time for freelancers to update their profiles.

Social Media Programming

We're looking to hire from our community for social media content creation and management. Interested members should get in touch to express their interest.

Get Involved

Your involvement is crucial to us, whether you're a freelancer, a client, or a community supporter. We value your input and encourage your participation.

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