CanWork February Update

Platform upgrades, jobs, marketing & more

Welcome to the CanWork February 2023 Update. This is a big update as we have plenty going on. This month we discuss platform growth, our new landing page, platform upgrades, and more.

State of Canwork Development

What’s happened since the last update:
  • Refactored the payment release system & notifications handling, most notably moving processes to the backend.
  • Fixed a few UX issues & bugs with the job bidding process, user notifications, and the provider search services.
  • Updated admin functionality & security
Most importantly, we implemented the new landing page design.

This is currently deployed to our staging environment while we test all the functions, buttons, links, and usability. We anticipate deploying this to the live site next week.

What’s next?
  • Roll out the new landing page and monitor behaviour.
  • Upgrade the wallet selection & payment modals.
  • Begin the next phase of our web-app framework upgrade.


Following all of the development work the team has been busy with over the past 6 months, the platform is stable and performing well on Binance Smart Chain. It is now time to grow.

Throughout January we advertised on a number of platforms. This, combined with our CanWork Rewards Platform meant we had healthy growth in user profiles and job posts.

Across the CanYa and CanWork Facebook accounts we made nearly 2 million impressions and sent nearly 20,000 people to the CanWork homepage.

On CanWork and CanYa’s Twitter accounts we reached over over 500,000 people and sent over 5000 users to the CanWork homepage. We have also become much more active on Twitter and the CanYa Twitter account is now verified:

If you aren’t already you should also follow CanWork on Instagram. We have been posting much more regularly, most of the graphics posted are created by our very own freelancers!

Rewards & Cashback

We are also continuing our CanWork Rewards Program.
In summary, the program runs across three tiers, each with its own rewards:

Anyone who recommends a digital freelancer to the CanWork platform will receive $5 BUSD per freelancer signed up. The freelancer will need to create a valid freelancer profile which will be audited by the CanWork team. For how to claim your rewards read the blog shared above.

Anyone who refers a client to the CanWork platform that completes a job successfully will receive $10 BUSD per job completed. Read the blog above to understand how to claim your rewards.

Any client that successfully completes a job on CanWork will get $50 BUSD off the job. To prevent gaming of the system the minimum job value is $250 USD. Further details for entry and terms can be found in the cashback blog shared above.

Going Forward
Over the next few months, we are going to continue refining our advertising to grow jobs and user growth. We will also continue the rewards program for the foreseeable future. Additionally, now that we have a core set of quality provider profiles we are going to run a number of business development strategies starting within the Binance Smart Chain community. We look forward to telling you more about this in the next update.


Following on from the above, advertising and a more consistent online presence have seen a number of new user profiles and job posts. The team audits every new profile and job post for authenticity and quality. We are quite happy with the progress we have seen in the new year and are looking forward to continuing this throughout 2023.

CanWork’s Unique Selling Proposition

CanWork was created with the idea of being the most profitable, simple, and transparent freelancing platform on the market. We believe we are close to achieving this goal after all of the development work completed over the last 6 months.

If you’re a freelancer, CanWork offers the following benefits:
  • Fee-less jobs. This means our freelancers earn approximately 20% more for every job completed on CanWork than our competitors.

  • Global Access. Anyone, anywhere can create a freelance profile on CanWork. You don’t even need a bank account.

  • Smart Contract Security. Smart contracts allow us to hold user funds and instantly release them once the work is complete. This makes it cheaper and faster with fewer overheads than legacy business models.

If you’d like to read more about this check out this blog we wrote last month:

We look forward to hearing from you all as we grow the platform together in 2023. Please let us know if you have any ideas you think could take off or if you’d like to contact the team on any other matters via the links below. Chat to you all soon!

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