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2023 Acheivements and 2024 Outlook

Welcome to the CanWork end-of-year blog. We discuss all the achievements of 2023 and what to expect in 2024.

What happened in 2023?

Throughout 2023, The CanWork team and community implemented several key enhancements to the platform, driving forward technological capabilities, security, and user experience. Here's a summary of the major updates:

Escrow V3 Implementation

The CanWork Freelance Escrow V3 was introduced, focusing on enhancing security and limiting misuse, thus boosting trustworthiness for clients and freelancers.

BNB Chain Monitor API

A custom tech solution was developed to monitor BNB Chain blocks, detect escrow transactions, and update CanWork automatically.

Performance Optimisation

Significant improvements in site performance and page load times were achieved by optimising database & search index usage and image sizes.

Quick Escrow Feature Development

In a major feature development, Quick Escrow for verified freelancers was introduced, streamlining the payment process for clients with a one-page quick interface to our escrow smart contract

Transition to USDT on the BNB Chain

Following the Paxos announcement that BUSD will no longer be minted, we transitioned our payment service to USDT (BEP20), with all escrow payments now automatically swapped and settled in USDT.

Content Creation and Community Engagement

We actively engaged freelancers for content creation, graphics, and video production, aiming to increase platform visibility and showcase community talent.

Importantly, we have created an extensive collection of content and media for curation in 2024. Keep an eye out.

Rewards, Cashback & Community Competitions

Our rewards program continued with incentives for referrals and cashback for completed jobs, along with a successful community feedback competition that yielded the Quick Escrow feature idea.

Framework Upgrade: A leap to Angular 15 and beyond

CanWork upgraded to Angular 15, enhancing security, performance, and maintainability, with plans to progress towards Angular 17.

New Landing Page and Fresh New Look

A new landing page was designed to attract clients, improve navigation, and showcase exceptional freelancers and the community behind CanWork.

Excitingly, the new page was designed with a new comprehensive brand & style guide that will help inform a fresh new look across the whole platform in 2024. The design was made after significant community feedback and design iterations to create a modern aesthetic that reinforces our message to clients & users.

What’s Happening in 2024

Continued Technological Advancements

Building on our recent tech upgrades, we plan to continue enhancing our tech stack, focusing on performance, security, and adaptability.

Platform Redesign and Brand Refresh

2024 will see the expanded rollout of our refreshed brand and style guide across the platform, following the launch of our new landing page.

Enhanced Freelancer Profiles and Search Pages

We aim to showcase our talented community more effectively with new profile card designs and improved search result pages.

Increasing Job Opportunities

A key focus for 2024 will be to increase the volume of jobs on the board, making CanWork the number one freelancing platform in the crypto space.

Partnerships and Collaborations

We'll explore new partnerships and collaborations within the crypto and freelancing ecosystems to expand our reach and bring in new users.

Community-Driven Content and Campaigns

We'll focus on increasing our presence on social media platforms, leveraging the success of our content creation initiatives in 2023.

Ongoing Enhancements and Community Feedback Integration

We'll continue to integrate community feedback into our development and engagement processes, ensuring that the platform evolves in line with user needs and preferences.

Looking toward 2024 at CanWork

Next year is all about community-focused progress. Our goal is to continue improving our platform and our relationship within our community, aiming to be a leading freelance platform in the crypto space.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year. A big thank you to our freelancers and community members for your invaluable support and contributions in 2023. You really made the year what it was.

Looking forward to an even better 2024.

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