CanWork April Update

Growth, development and community competitions

Welcome to the CanWork April 2023 Update. This month we discuss growth, development progress, and our community competitions.

State of Canwork

  1. Landing page tweaks & bug-finding payouts
    Last month, we finally rolled out the new landing page. Since then, we’ve responded to several minor bugs and tweaks. Thanks to everyone who tested all the links and layouts on different devices. We paid out over $100 in rewards for bug submissions. Let us know if you find any more!

  2. Smart-Contract V3: Increased Trust
    • We authored some changes to the escrow smart contract predominantly to reduce admin ability & increase trust.
    • We also updated automated test coverage and are in the process of a 3rd-party audit before deployment

  3. Framework Upgrade
    Significant progress has been made to upgrade packages & dependencies. This was quite a task that included hundreds of errors across 1000+ lines of error log outputs. We can see the light at the end of this tunnel which will keep the CanWork app updated & maintainable.

  4. Fixed the email notifications
    Som emails regarding unread messages on CanWork were not being delivered. We have now fixed the system and users are being notified correctly. Unfortunately, the system processed a backlog of unsent emails and some users might have received many emails at once. We apologise for spamming your inbox

Development - What’s next?

We will:
  1. Continue the framework upgrades
  2. Deploy the new version of the CanWork escrow
  3. Update OpenGraph and image unfurls for public jobs and user profile sharing
  4. Begin payment selection upgrades
  5. Improve the admin dashboard

CanWork Community Ideas Program

We continue to look for new ways to grow awareness and users for the CanWork platform. To accelerate this, April saw us launch the CanWork Community Ideas Program.

This is a fun and engaging way for us to harness the power of our community to grow the platform. After all, most of our community are freelancers themselves!

What is the Community Ideas Campaign?

  1. Idea Submission.
    Maybe it’s a promotion, marketing campaign, incentive, or creative growth idea.
  2. Shortlist Vote
    The CanWork core team will shortlist ideas for a community vote.
  3. Implementation
    We will implement the winning idea and use exclusive CanWork freelancer talent & labour.
  4. Rewards.
    The top two ideas and a random participant will win BUSD rewards.


We will award the following:
  1. Winning Idea: $300
    The winning idea is the one that the CanWork core team & community select for actual implementation.
  2. Runner up: $150
  3. Random submission: $50

Implementation of the chosen ideas

We will develop an action plan to implement voted ideas, and share progress updates with the community.
We will use the CanWork job board to hire all related talent and labour for the implementation.


Format: PDF
Submit your PDF ideas via this quick Typeform:
Or follow this link: CanWork Community Ideas Submission

Deadline April 30th 2023

We look forward to growing CanWork with you and can't wait to hear your ideas.

Rewards & Cashbacks

Don't forget we are still running the Rewards & Cashbacks Program
  • $50 Cashback on Jobs
  • $10 rewards on Job referrals
  • $10 rewards on Freelancer referrals
Check out the link above for details.

Verified Freelancer Promotions

We have re-started our freelancer promotions to show off our star freelancers. We will periodically promote one of our top verified freelancers on our socials.

This week, we re-introduced Omotayo -- web designer, product designer & illustrator extraordinaire -- via a short video on all our channels. Go give it a like here!

If you're a CanWork freelancer and would like to participate, reach out to us!

We're always open to general feedback & discussions. So, come join us via Telegram using the link below:


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