April 2024 Update

Welcome to our first major update of 2024. The journey into the new year has seen a slowed pace for the CanWork platform. This measured progress is the partly the result of our community development team returning on a part-time schedule, but more significantly, our concentrated efforts on two key initiatives:

  • The $CAN Token BuyBack Initiative
  • Overcoming Major Engineering Upgrade Challenges

Token BuyBack Initiative: A Resounding Success

From February 14 to March 17, we ran on a BuyBack initiative with a dedicated $50K USDT pool. The goal was straightforward: to reduce the circulating supply of CAN tokens by offering holders the opportunity to exchange them for USDT.

Thanks to a custom smart-contract and a React application built for the event, the initiative surpassed our expectations.

We successfully reclaimed 948,961 CAN tokens at an effective rate of $0.054 USDT per CAN. All these tokens will be 'burned' by sending to a dead address once all participants in the buyback have claimed their USDT

Thanks to all the holders who participated and to our community who helped contribute particularly in design, development, audit & testing.

For those intrigued by the token's history and the rationale behind the buyback, we invite you to delve deeper here.

The CanWork Revival

For those watching our progress, you're aware that 2024 holds significant ambitions for CanWork, most notably through our framework upgrade and a fresh front-end design.

Framework Upgrade: A Leap Forward

We are thrilled to announce the completion of our framework upgrades, currently in the final stages of testing. Transitioning our Angular web-app from version 7 to version 17 was no small feat.

This comprehensive update necessitated the reimplementation of crucial integrations, including our database, search functionality, and numerous dependencies, ensuring CanWork's maintainability and security for years to come. The fruition of these efforts will be unveiled in our upcoming major release.

Engineering Challenges: Navigating Complexities

Our late last year previews teased a refreshed landing for CanWork, featuring an updated brand style. Initially, our intention was to roll out the new landing early, gradually updating the site's styling. However, the legacy app's monolithic and cumbersome styling code compelled us to rethink our approach to rolling-out the new design.

The complexity was further amplified by our dual codebase structure: one delivering a server-rendered content (including a duplicate of the landing page) and our CMS & admin functions, and another for the fully-functional web app encompassing all communication & payment services. Addressing these redundancies to streamline our engineering processes unfortunately meant delaying our original plans.

Looking Ahead: Plans for the Next Quarter

The plan now is to finally release the upgraded app with a new landing and a few newly styled components. We will then reduce the complexity of having duplicate landings on two codebases before finishing up all the new designs components.

  • Complete the primary conversions of the new UI, including landing pages and enhancements to freelancer profiles and job searches.
  • Launch the major update featuring new UI changes alongside the framework upgrades.
  • Enhance the main web app's SEO friendliness.
  • Eliminate the need for duplicate front-ends across two codebases, retaining only the admin components.
  • Implement all remaining UI changes.

With these steps, CanWork is set to emerge revitalised with a contemporary look and an optimised platform we can all take pride in.

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